Инструкции для лодочных моторов Tohatsu (Япония)

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Download the complete user guide Ko. Lastmanuals, for instance, does not offer a translation service. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. No part of this manual may be reproduced or transmitted in any from or by any means without the express written permission of Tohatsu Corporation. How to use the trim meter option When the trim angle is set as desired, take a reading off the trim meter, and record it for future reference. Operating the boat in this manner, the outboard motor may ingest air into the water cooling system, resulting in engine overheating. Furthermore, the bow may sway or the bottom may slam the water while cruising. In this case, decrease the trim angle by pressing the switch on the remote control level to "DN".

Tohatsu mfs 30b инструкция

Do not put hand or finger in between outboard motor body and clamp bracket when adjusting trim angle to prevent injury in case the outboard motor body falls. When testing a trim position, run boat slow initially to see if it can be controlled safely. Improper Trim Angle bow dips into the water If the trim angle is too small, the bow will dip into the water, the speed will decrease, and water may enter the boat. In this case, the trim angle should be increased by pressing the switch on the remote control lever to "UP". UP Excessive trim up or down may lead to unstable boat operation, potentially causing the steering difficulty that leads to accident during cruising. For outboard motor model with PTT switch on the bottom cowl, do not operate the switch during cruising, or control of boat may be lost. When tilting up or down, be careful not to place your hand between the swivel bracket and the stern bracket. Be sure to tilt the outboard motor down slowly. When tilting up outboard motor with fuel joint for over a few minutes, be sure to disconnect fuel hose or close fuel cock, or fuel may leak, potentially catching fire. Note Stop the engine before tilting up. Tilt up Push the reverse lock lever down until it stops. This is the tilt up position.

Now, tilt the outboard motor all the way up until it is locked in place. Do not tilt up outboard motor during operation, or engine may be damaged from overheating due to lack of sufficient cooling water.

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Tilt down Pull the reverse lock lever upward until it stops. This is the tilt down position.

сервис мануал tohatsu mfs30a

Now, lift up the outboard motor slightly, and then allow gravity to lower it for you. During shallow water operation, be careful not to place your hand between the swivel bracket and the stern bracket.

Tohatsu MFS 30 инструкция, форум

Return to normal running position: Put the reverse lock lever in the tilt down position, slightly lift up the outboard motor, and then put it down. Reverse lock lever Tilt Down position Note Slow down to trolling speed, and shift into neutral before setting outboard motor to shallow water drive position. Tilt Down Run at lowest possible speed when using shallow water drive. When driving shallow water, be careful not to strike outboard motor against sea bottom, or propeller may be pushed out of water, resulting in loss of control.

сервис мануал tohatsu mfs30a

While in shallow water drive position, do not operate the outboard motor in reverse. Operate the outboard motor at slow speed and keep the cooling water intake submerged. Shallow water running position: Put the reverse lock lever in the tilt up position, and tilt up the outboard motor to put the outboard motor in the shallow water running position. Reverse lock lever Sub Water Inlet. Do not overtilt outboard motor when driving shallow water, or air may be sucked through subwater inlet, potentially leading to engine overheating. For safety, set the tilt stopper into the set-up position, although the outboard motor is kept in the tilt up position after the lock lever is moved DOWN to "Lock" position. Release the tilt stopper from the set-up position while slightly tilting up outboard motor. Do not tilt up outboard motor while engine operates, or no cooling water may be fed, leading to engine seizure due to overheating. Do not put grease on the teeth of the starter pinion or flywheel or increased wear or damage will occur.

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  • Motor submerged in water After taking your outboard motor out of the water, immediately take it to your dealer. The following are the emergency measures to be taken for a submerged outboard motor, if you can not take it your dealer right away.

    сервис мануал tohatsu mfs30a

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