Montero 110SP

воблер страйк про montero 110 specs

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Воблеры Strike Pro Montero 110SP

How to get the goods: Description The new product from the company Strike Pro wobblers Montero SP without exaggeration can be called the bait of the highest class. The efficiency, performance, paint quality, high homogeneity of products, high quality materials and accessories — Wobbler Montero SP combines at the highest level. Having comparable performance characteristics, Montero SP differs slightly lesser working depth and less resistance when you post. The working depth of the bait is on the order of 1.

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  • A few less resistance in the wiring of the crank Montero SP allows the use of less powerful rods and reels. The degree of buoyancy of the lure is close to optimal in our conditions, lures in natural colors with a metal leash close to the ideal suspender color GC01S without a leash.

    Bait in heavier photoluminescent color AFL has a negative degree of buoyancy, thereby effectively allows you to sh in a wall of reeds and the edge and has a greater horizon. Thanks to the long casting and balancing of the lure with three rolling balls Montero SP has excellent flight characteristics.

    Воблер Strike Pro Montero 110SP 13.1гр #GC01S

    On a uniform wiring Wobbler begins to play at low speed; this bait has a great rolling, flashing hints brockovitch body. When techinhawaii posting, the lure responds well to various actions of the angler, allowing you to execute a variety of transactions with a wide range of deflection of the crank the direction of pull.

    воблер страйк про montero 110 specs

    And yet, when fishing with this lure pike responds best to a transaction of the crank jerks, not patikami, the most versatile is the transaction with a combination of single and double jerks with different power and pauses between jerks. Even cold water, when the pike clearly preferred wiring baits with patikami, Montero SP steadily caught the predator on the weak and medium jumps. For exact information on the product, please contact the manufacturer. Leave review [ Login ] Only authorized users can rate it Author email.

    воблер страйк про montero 110 specs

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